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PMP Failed - Email Coaching with ITTO Learning Tools

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PMP is a very difficult exam. It is one of the hardest professional tests. Many aspirants fail in their first attempt.

This product is specifically made for those PMP aspirants who unfortunately failed in their first attempt.

You will get personal one-on-one Email Coaching from industry's renowned coach Praveen Malik. You will also get 5 ITTO Learning Tools.

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How does Email Coaching work?

1. The coaching will start with a questionnaire. The answers to this questionnaire will be analyzed to determine the root cause of your failure.

2. Praveen will ask more questions through email to determine your weak areas.

3. Praveen and you will create a list of action items that will help you pass the exam.

4. Praveen will understand your time availability and preparation level help you to create a personalized exam preparation schedule.

5. Praveen might suggest additional study material if the existing study material is not enough.

6. Praveen will help you with the PMBOK Guide concepts and exam passing tips.

7. Praveen will remain in touch with you over email and provide specific guidance.

8. You can ask Praveen anything related to PMP exam and you will get your answers through mail.

9. Praveen will validate your preparation level before your next attempt.

How will Email Coaching help you?

1. You will get one-on-one coaching and guidance.

2. You will get lifetime coaching till you pass the exam.

3. You will get a personalized exam preparation schedule specifically created for you.

4. You can ask any question related to the PMP exam.

5. It will help you to understand the key PMBOK Guide's concepts.

What are ITTO Learning Tools?

You will get following five ITTO Tools:

1. PMP ITTO Process Chart (https://www.pmbypm.com/pmp-process-chart/)

2. ITTO Concepts eBook (https://www.pmbypm.com/pmbok-itto-questions/)

3. ITTO Mind Maps eBook (https://www.pmbypm.com/pmp-mind-maps/)

4. Dynamic ITTO Excel Cheat Sheet (https://www.pmbypm.com/pmp-itto-cheat-sheet/)

5. ITTO Quiz

How Will ITTO Learning Tools help you?

The complete all-in-one bundle will enable you to

1. apply modern learning strategies and scientific techniques to get a handle of ITTO.

2. understand ITTO across 5 Process Groups (PG), 10 Knowledge Areas (KA), and 49 processes through a comprehensive 360 degrees orientation.

3. immediately grasp ITTO relationships across PG and KA.

4. make visual connections between PMBOK® Guide's terms.

5. learn ITTO by understanding associations between them.

6. learn ITTO by learning related keywords.

7. solve ITTO questions accurately without any fear.

The ITTO Learning Tools are worth $39.96 (https://gum.co/pmp-itto-learning-tools).

This Email Coaching with 100% money-back Guarantee. You will get full refund in case you again fail in the exam.

For more information you can visit my blog url https://www.pmbypm.com/failed-pmp-coaching/

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ITTO Process Chart
ITTO Concepts eBook
ITTO Mind Maps eBook
ITTO Cheat Sheet
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PMP Failed - Email Coaching with ITTO Learning Tools

0 ratings
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